Let’s Try This Again

northern exposures


I’ve moved – this will be the final post at this blog site. I’m constructing a new one and if you are interested in heading over there, the address is:


Yes, I know. I’m a little delinquent on my postings. But really, a week or two isn’t all that long.

What! It’s been 19 months??? Oops.

Last July, I left Lindsay and my family dehydra-broiling, sizzle-sweltering away in that hellish place some call Texas, I am back in the Arctic where 70˚F is hot and a thing of the past. We’ve already had our first snow.

I suppose I should be remorseful for having left my love behind in such a Dante-esque Inferno but to be honest, I’m just happy as a gray jay that I am 66˚N. In my defense, Lindsay wanted to remain with family this year, and I truly am suffering a twinge of remorse that she must endure a Texas meltdown while I luxuriate in Paradise. Remorse. What a nasty little itch that can be!

Thinking along the lines of Dante-isms, I recall those fateful words on the gates of hell. “Abandon all hope, all who enter here.” The Texas Highway Department really should post that at all roads entering the state, at least in summertime.

Oh, I see that it’s 81˚F in Texas at the moment. Sounds like fall has finally arrived for all you folks down there. Of course, it’s still early in the day. If any of you Texans are looking for a way out of hell, I recommend reservations on Alaska Airlines. Satisfaction guaranteed. It’s 28˚F in Fort Yukon this morning…

Look forward to hearing from you again!

(No irreverence intended)


2 thoughts on “Let’s Try This Again

  1. Don’t know why but I never get a notice when you make a new post… Texas #@&*^&% well lets just say I am no fan of the hot weather and will be looking to move back to Alaska in April… that old cabin from one of your B&W photos still vacant?

    1. Well, Pete, I guess Texas can put the heat on you but can’t take away your nomadic ways. But your family is their, my friend, and neither of us is getting younger. Perhaps if you buy a nice ice cream machine to chill your insides then Texas won’t be so bad?

      Pete, you left this comment on the old blog, which I don’t use anymore. Go to the new one if you haven’t already and follow it. That’s where all the action is.

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