On the Wings of Spring

northern exposures


Interior Alaska is a land of Serious White for much of the year. November. December. January, February and March. But here comes April and winter’s coat is looking a little tattered. It’s a good thing that next week is Spring Carnival, otherwise the river ice would be two fragile for the games.

I walked to town today under one of those brilliant skies that leave you blind when you go indoors. It was a balmy, 40 degree afternoon. Windbreaker weather – no gloves, no hood required. Delicious!

On the way home I watched the birds flitting through the trees and captured this one feeding on a black spruce. I first thought it might be a juvenile gray jay but the coloration doesn’t appear right. If you know what it is, please leave me a note.


14 thoughts on “On the Wings of Spring

    1. Cornel, it’s conical but I can’t tell the color. I can see it is dark, but not sure if it is brown or black. I’ll look again at the crossbills but I think the bill is wrong. The cones are 4-5 cm and the bird appears to be about three times that to me.

  1. Dave: a birder friend of mine says it’s a pine grosbeak. We have rose breasted grosbeaks here although they’re not back from their summer vacation south yet.

    1. Oh, it’s so nice now. Still snow on the ground, but the temperatures are very pleasant. Time to trap muskrats and hunt ptarmigan.

  2. Hi dear Dave, I have just been informed about your today’s post, but I can’t see in here. How made me happy to see you, I really missed you and worried too. Please let us hear you again, Greetings and Love, nia

    1. Many hellos, Nia. And sorry to have worried you. My life needed attention elsewhere. But this year I should have more time to communicate. Hope all is well with you.

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