San Diego: First Impressions & Hodad’s – Ho My!


The monstrous “double bacon cheeseburger”

The Half Fring

Yes, that’s a milk shake – oh, man!

Hodad’s downtown San Diego

[On vacation for the summer, Lindsay and I currently are visiting our son in San Diego, California]

San Diego. First impressions. Much drier than I expected, almost desert-like. Residences lining hills rising right off the bay. Beautiful splashes of living color – purples and reds everywhere. The military presence around the bay. Spanish architecture. Old Town, quaint, touristy and well, old. Pacific Drive along the bay. Friendly people. The homeless on every corner. Hodad’s.

Visit Hodad’s. On the waterfront or downtown, it’s famous for a reason. It’s called food, essential American food. The burger – toasted but tender bun, perfectly cooked beef, cheddar, crispy fresh vegetables – too massive to get a mouth around. The Fring, a colossal combination of fries and onion rings as crispy as the vegetables. The milk shake, pièce de résistance, visually staggering, served in its stainless steel blender cup, smooth as silk below with a slab of absolute zero spilling over the edge (how does it do that without melting). Service: Five Stars. Food: Five Stars. Experience: Five Stars.


12 thoughts on “San Diego: First Impressions & Hodad’s – Ho My!

    1. Ah, and I felt so guilty advocating such unhealthy food. I don’t eat this way very often, but it so happens that one of my sons works at Hodad’s, and this was my first visit.

  1. San Diego was the only coastal town in California that I liked. You have the same impression of it that I have always had. I’m afraid the homeless are everywhere these days. =/

    1. My son’s impression is that may are homeless by choice, not by circumstance. It seemed to me that there are many more here than in Dallas where I grew up.

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