Ocean Beach


Today our son Ben took us to Ocean Beach or OB as the locals call it. Quaint shops and eateries lined the street leading to the bay. We enjoyed first rate tacos (mahi, yellowfin, lobster) at a restaurant along the strip, then walked down to the beach. A sea breeze came off the water as the tide came in. Like a boy, I sifted sand  through my toes. The sand was warm and soft, the water cold, a pleasant contrast. I was surprised by the cleanness of the sand and the clarity of the water and the comfortable breeze. My past experiences at beaches have not been very pleasant ones but if I lived in California I might be tempted to spend many hours down by the seashore.


10 thoughts on “Ocean Beach

  1. oh, i’ve been to the beach in southern california… you can’t convince me that there’s anything pleasant about the contrast of warm sand and ICY water! the ocean water in cali never warms up, even late into august. i learned quick to keep my toes out of the water! but i absolutely LOVE the photos you took! i’m thinking some of them would be very pretty framed and hung in my ocean-themed bathroom!

    1. Good evening, C. I noticed that the surfers were wearing insulated suits and there weren’t many swimmers. But it was a great day.

  2. They are all so beautiful photographs, I can feel the Ocean touches… But the seagulls fascinated me much more with people you captured such a beautiful and great photograph. Thank you dear Dave, love, nia

  3. I spent today at the beach too, isn’t it the most relaxing place? Love your pics again Dave 🙂

    1. Hey, Bec. I did enjoy it. My Texas beach experiences were never very pleasant. Too sticky hot and dirty, it was really nice in San Diego.

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