On the Wings of Spring

northern exposures


Interior Alaska is a land of Serious White for much of the year. November. December. January, February and March. But here comes April and winter’s coat is looking a little tattered. It’s a good thing that next week is Spring Carnival, otherwise the river ice would be two fragile for the games.

I walked to town today under one of those brilliant skies that leave you blind when you go indoors. It was a balmy, 40 degree afternoon. Windbreaker weather – no gloves, no hood required. Delicious!

On the way home I watched the birds flitting through the trees and captured this one feeding on a black spruce. I first thought it might be a juvenile gray jay but the coloration doesn’t appear right. If you know what it is, please leave me a note.


Looking For the Iceman

northern exposures

ice days-1050109

ice days-1050105

The top layer of snow has turned to a sheath of ice in many places. I snapped a few images down by the river this weekend. Not sure if I like the color or the black and white better.

Gravel Gravel Everywhere

northern exposures


Our soil is full of gravel. The Yukon River drains more than 800,000 square kilometers and deposits much of its sediments onto the flats where we live. Not satisfied with dropping its load, it forever meanders its way across our basin, pushing old gravel bars around from one place to another before burying them under loads of silt. Got gravel? Yes, indeed!