Shaking Hands At Forty Below

northern exposures


Today is a really cold day, as most have been recently. It began at -50˚F.

The temperature has fallen below the -40˚ mark ten days out of the past fourteen, all the way down to -50˚F on six of those.

We’ve weathered colder temperatures for two or three days at a time but I don’t remember such a prolonged period of cold during our lifetime here.

No long walks right now. Breathing comes hard and stabs like needles. Super-chilled air shrinks the skin on contact. One of my students came to school with frostbite on his face last week.

Forty below is the magic mark when Gabriel Fahrenheit and Anders Celsius finally shake hands and agree upon something. But only for a moment. By the time Gabriel is declaring the temperature to be -50˚, Anders is arguing that it is only -45˚.

So how do we combat the bitter cold? We curl up with popcorn and a good movie. Today’s feature? Charade, starring the impeccable Cary Grant and the adorable Audrey Hepburn.

Stay warm!


12 thoughts on “Shaking Hands At Forty Below

  1. …and here I was thinking of stopping out at Ft Yukon at one of those empty cabins you photographed, but I think I will stay and enjoy out heat wave -14 over here in Livengood. Put some butter on that popcorn you’ll need the extra calories in that cold weather!

    1. We are inside for sure. There were a few rugged souls out yesterday, but I have heard none this morning. Our church is cancelled until this evening when we expect it to warm up a bit. I just heard a plane landing-it must be Wright Air, our favorite, because the other two stay on the ground when it gets this cold. Supposed to warm up sometime this week!

  2. They said on TV we’ll have next week -16 Celsius degrees and I said to myself: “Are you kidding me? -16 degrees?? That’s too much.” But now when I’m reading about temperatures you have there… I consider our temperatures comfortable.
    This week I read an article on your blog and you have in the left corner below a sort of application saying the temperatures and I read ‘-44’ and I thought that application is not working properly, that’s impossible. Only now I see that application is working well…unfortunately.
    Stay warm.

    1. Most of our winter has been nearer your temperature this week, so I’m not about to complain. Still, I’ll be happy when we warm back up a little. Yes, I like that little app because it is always correct. Some of the online weather sites incorrectly report Fairbanks or Anchorage temperatures for ours. But my little app always seems to be true. Best wishes, Cornel, and enjoy the cold!

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