Light On the Circle

northern exposures
looking south at 2 pm, december 15

looking south at 2 pm, december 15

I often get asked if it is always dark in winter on the Arctic Circle. Well, Fort Yukon is a few miles north and as you can see we do have a little light, even way up here. On a clear December day, the sun rolls along the horizon for about 2 hours, then goes back to sleep.

We are now officially on holiday. The students think they are the happiest creatures on Earth. Haha! They have no idea what real joy is!


5 thoughts on “Light On the Circle

  1. I wonder so often how you can live there,David! 😀 I mean,for someone who is not even born there and used to cold,dark and all that.I dream of moving to the south when I am older,I know,boring,everybody wants that :D.

    1. I must have been born in the wrong place. I do love this so, but we won’t stay here forever, either. Today we passed a 91 year old man out walking down the snow covered street with his cane. It was -26 ˚C, but he needed his exercise.

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