Of Woolen Blankets and Hot Creamy Cocoa

northern exposures


Today, gusty winds whip through the spruce woods surrounding our cabin. The upper boughs bend to and fro and even the lower branches sometimes shudder.

I don’t mind the cold. I like it, actually. But I don’t enjoy blustery, winter winds. And while they aren’t very common here on the Flats, today they have intruded upon our world with their intemperate bites and blows. Still, I am grateful for days like these.

Because blustery, winter winds make woolen blanket cozier and hot cocoa creamier.


9 thoughts on “Of Woolen Blankets and Hot Creamy Cocoa

    1. Thank you, Cynthia. Actually, this has been an unseasonably warm winter with less than usual snowfall. But nobody’s complaining. Do you get much snow?

  1. I had to warm up with my first cup of coffee and pretend I was looking out your front window. It certainly does not look like it does when I look out our front window this morning!

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