Yolanda In Ice, 2014

northern exposures

ice slough-1170

ice slough-1168

ice slough-1169


Yolanda Slough, 2013

I went down to Yolanda Slough remembering last year’s spectacular ice patterns and hoping to capture more, and I did! Only I was expecting to see patterns similar to last year’s, and these were quite the surprise.

Last year the ice fractured, shifted and refrozen in a new matrix. At least, that is what the patterns led me to believe.

But this year remains a mystery to me. Do currents push crystallization forward to form the crescents? If they do, then why do they radiate in so many directions and away from the bank? Hum…


7 thoughts on “Yolanda In Ice, 2014

    1. My mother in law suggest wind might be a cause. Hard to say. Crystals can grow in radiating patterns. My students called them cracks. I went out and walked across them today and the whitish borders do appear to be snow packed into crevasses, but the ice must be at least 6 inches deep now. I can’t tell if the pattern persists throughout.

      1. That’s true about the radiating patterns – I have seen similar effects on our car windscreen, in the frost. On the same theme, I have noticed that the surface of lying snow tends to melt in the shape of waves on the sea. I would love to know why this is, too!

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