Aging Fenceposts In a Land of 60 Below

northern exposures

fences 2014-1124

fences 2014-1143

In our village a low fence adorns every grave. I am not used to this. Perhaps that is why I am attracted to them, why I come back to photograph them again and again.

Love paints them, but cold-steel sixty below strips them clean.


11 thoughts on “Aging Fenceposts In a Land of 60 Below

      1. Raining here. I like what the rain does to fall colors (water in the air saturates things) but of course, it also knocks down the leaves. Leaf cleanup here is a big deal. If I had 1/4 of a cent for every leaf…

        1. Haha. Nobody cleans up leaves here. You see, there are advantages to remoteness; there is nobody you have to impress. I shave once a week, by the way – same principle.

          I am with you on fall colors and rain. It is a favorite time of mine to get out and walk the river bank where the alders and willows and poplars grow.

          1. I don’t clean up leaves for my neighbors, that’s for sure. I clean them up because if left sitting on the ground, everything under them would rot. We don’t have much of a lawn, but we’d have less of it if it was covered by oak leaves.

            I don’t shave at all, but leaves do need to get cleaned up!

    1. I was thinking of deeper into winter; temperatures have been below freezing for awhile now but -16 C is the coldest I’ve recorded at our cabin. I made the photographs on one of my class photo outings. Our assignment was to capture converging lines. We never go out in severe cold. For some reason my students think they are indestructible. Imagine that!

    1. Your comments always encourage me, Angela. I hope the things that I say and show are faithful to my friends and neighbors and to this land. But often, I wonder if I do them justice. I am such a young student of the Athabascan culture. Your words mean more to me than you know, always!

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