And So It Begins…

northern exposures


We woke to snowfall this morning. Slow. Continuous. Silent. The forecast called for 1/4 inch, but at 2 o’clock nearly 3 inches blanket our world. It is a good omen. After all, some of our friends believed there would be no snow this year.

There is a rightness to the top of the world when the snow returns. The trees know it, dressed now in white as they should be. Surely the dogs know it – I woke to their playful barking and snapping at snowflakes tickling their noses. The trappers will be happy, too, knowing they will be able to use their snow-goes and sleds to reach trap-lines far away from our village.

Already those snow-goes are out on the roads. Everybody loves a snow-go. I should get one of those!


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