Looking For Their Moose

life in a village


Troy is one of my students. He is headed up the Yukon with his dad, looking to fill their winter cache with a moose. Boys learn to hunt at an early age. Most learn at the side of their father, a grandfather or an uncle, but sometimes the role of teacher falls to somebody who is not a relative. Some of the girls enjoy hunting, too.

Once taught, youngsters often hunt with friends and many of our students have sold us some of their catch. I have several students promising to bring me grouse. I hope they deliver because I have lived here more than three years without tasting one.


2 thoughts on “Looking For Their Moose

  1. Hey Dave I have a number of grouse residing right here in my driveway…want to trade for a moose steak? Nice picture, makes me long for the time I ran the Yukon down to the Nowitna.

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