The Bird That Almost Wasn’t

northern exposures


Travel a few miles along the river in any direction and you will encounter a bald eagle perched in a hardwood tree. It seems to me that they like the deadwood. The better to see you from? You can’t tell it from the picture, but the bald eagle can have a wing span of 7.5 feet!

They choose a mate for life although I have never seen a pair together. I haven’t yet seen a nest either and that is something that would be difficult to miss. They are big, sometimes reaching 9 feet in diameter and weigh as much as a car.

Did you know:

  • The bald eagle is found only in North America?
  • There are as many as 30,000 bald eagles in Alaska, more than anywhere else?
  • Bald eagle populations in the lower 48 were decimated by pesticides and habitat destruction prior to the American Bald Eagle Protection Act of 1940?
  • In 1917, the Alaska Territorial Legislature imposed a bounty on bald eagles that remained in effect until 1953, and during those 36 years 100,000 eagles were slaughtered for profit?

Thankfully, the story of the American Bald Eagle is a happy one. It is no longer an endangered species, thanks to strong, united support for their protection.

The bird that almost wasn’t, is.


7 thoughts on “The Bird That Almost Wasn’t

    1. Haha. Well, the eagle may have the prestige, but the turkey is the one getting invited to dinner. Always delighted to hear from you, Virginia.

  1. Your are fortunate to have them in your neighborhood. I only encountered them when I ran the Yukon and Copper rivers and once near Atigun pass I saw two of them mating.

  2. We have them here in Connecticut. They fish along with Housatonic River A few miles from my house. I can see them sitting pretty high up in trees along the river, every once in a while one will swoop down and catch something or try anyway.

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