Our Town

life in a village

fort yukon

Fort Yukon, a few years ago. You can click on the image to see it larger.


17 thoughts on “Our Town

  1. You walk to the school, don’t you 🙂 not so far for walking but in the hard winter days should be problem Just I wonder because I know no cars there during winter… Thank you dear Dave, love, nia

    1. Our next door neighbor has a truck now so we ride with her every morning. And it can take the cold most of the winter. At least down into the -40’s. If it doesn’t work, then we can catch the school bus. It is kept in a garage so it always works.

      1. That’s nice, but still I can’t imagine how is to live in -40’s. But I know, human body gets used to this. Thank you dear Dave, have a wonderful winter time. Love, nia

    1. Don’t really know, but not many. Fish and Game keeps one. I haven’t met any town folk that fly. Fort Yukon is the kind of place you pass through. The wealthy live in the cities or along the mountain ranges and fly through on their way to hunting grounds.

        1. Ah, we all do. Believe it or not, our 600 villagers are quite the travelers. That airport, and the river in summer, are our only link to the outside world. When we go anywhere, we fly. I have a toothache right now, so guess what I’m doing next week? Flying to Fairbanks for a dental appt. And in winter, those planes are the only supply route we have. Nothing, not even food gets here without traveling by air.

          1. Wright Air makes two stops a day – they’re our favorite. Warbelow’s makes three stops a day but their planes are smaller, and Era, who has the largest planes but aren’t very reliable – once we prepaid a flight with them and they left us on the tarmac without even a call when they decided they didn’t want to fly that day. Plus, they crashed a plane a year ago and had to change their name to Raven to cover it up.

          2. Fascinating. No doubt one of the newspapers or blogs up there has done an expose on local air taxies…

            Many years ago on a failed attempt on a tough route on Denali we flew with Doug Geeting out of Talkeetna. What a character. I flew with him again with some friends on a “flight seeing” trip a number of years later and we landed on the Ruth Glacier, got out, and took some pictures. It was great both times. I hope to get back up there and do it again at some point. Flying in Alaska is a whole other kind of flying.

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