Up the Porcupine

northern exposures


Every year I try to catch a ride on the river. This year I went up the Porcupine. The island in the picture is on the Yukon River just outside of the village. Pass by, turn right and follow the meanders. The Porcupine will carry you northeastly all the way to Old Crow, Canada. The land rises in that direction and the river has etched its way through canyons. Someday I hope to make that trip.


Richard has a home in Fort Yukon and a lodge way up the Porcupine toward Old Crow. That is the real wilderness. Richard wintered over there last year, just he and Mary.


Wood ducks on a backwater slough. We saw many ducks on our trip. Richard invited several to come home for dinner.


7 thoughts on “Up the Porcupine

    1. Tanana is on the Yukon River, but southwest of FYU. Follow the river northeasterly until it makes its massive arc back to the southeast. We are right on the bend. You can’t miss us. From Fairbanks we are 150 miles north and a point or two east, just above the Arctic Circle.

      1. Whoops, sorry, I was looking in the wrong place. The intersection is right in your back yard (duh). So, I wonder which island is which in the map…There’s a small cluster of what look like 4 islands in the Yukon River just upstream of the intersection. There are two closely fitting islands in the Porcupine just upstream of the intersection. Am I in the right place now?

        1. I’ll try to find it on googlemaps and post it. The river is in a constant state of metamorphosis and I don’t know how old the satellite pic is, but This island has been around as long as I have,probably many years.

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