Flower Of the Yukon

northern exposures


I like to tell my family how our cabin is surrounded by wild roses, but that’s nothing special. The rose is everywhere around our village and across the Flats. They lend color to every season. Delicate pink blossoms in Springtime. Ruby red hips in the Fall. And on Winter’s final approach its leaves put on a wild array of colors, all rusted and speckled, deepening into scarlet and orange as Jack Frost kisses the mornings.


4 thoughts on “Flower Of the Yukon

    1. We are a very superstitious lot up here. This summer, there was so much cold rain that on our return one friend declared we had only 4 days of summer. Now the rumor is that the cold wet summer means we won’t have any snow this winter. But I’m not superstitious. 🙂

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