Bucketfuls of Burrr!

northern exposures


Our English teacher takes the ice bucket challenge. Hey, it’s 48 F out there – thank goodness she didn’t nominate me!


7 thoughts on “Bucketfuls of Burrr!

    1. I had not heard of the ice bucket challenge until last week. I haven’t formed an opinion about its form, but let me tell you about what Jennie did with it.

      Jennie is our English teacher and she teaches a unit about nonfiction, and as a part of it, she had her students research & discuss the challenge as an example of the power of social media to impact our culture.

      Thanks for your comment!

      1. … and that power is a piece of what bothers me. Two things are colliding: shaming as a form of leverage and social media spreading it fast.

        I never took part in chain letters (another form of the same thing), gave at the market to the Jimmy Fund (shaming at the checkout line), and I don’t take part in anything like these. We give plenty to charities each year but would rather make that decision on our own rather than being pushed into it by a chain letter (ice bucket challenge).

        I knew quite a bit about ALS before this so for me it wasn’t an an education, and as I understand the rules of the challenge, if you choose to get the ice bucket treatment you do not have to donate money; you donate money instead of the ice bucket treatment. Social extortion if you ask me.

        No doubt many reading this will feel I’m over reacting. But, consider that teens have committed suicide because of public shaming on social media. Legitimizing this form of getting people to donate money means that the next time something like this gets traction it will no doubt be a bit more extreme.

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