Clouds Over the Yukon

northern exposures



I have two photography classes this year and my group of 8th graders are very, very excited! Mornings are rainy now and afternoons on the cool side, so we are getting out to take pictures often before the weather becomes too cold. We strolled down toward Gracie’s house, the girls exclaiming this is the best class ever. Now that makes me feel pretty good!

The cloudscapes were taken on our outing.


11 thoughts on “Clouds Over the Yukon

    1. Thank you. they always look slightly different on the blog than they do in Lightroom, but I do like the way they turned out this time.

    1. 🙂 Hi, Sandra. Nice to hear from you. Yes, they do. And winters breath is fast turning the trees and roses now. So we are out of doors as often as we can. Saw a black bear crossing the road today while out scouting for birch trees. He was fast!

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