Yukon Territory: Kluane Lake



1942. War raged around the world. And in the interior of Alaska and Canada, 11,000 engineers waged war of a different kind against muskeg, mud, subzero temperatures, permafrost and mosquitos. The objective? An inland military highway to protect Alaska from Axis attack.

Work began in April as crews moved southward from what is now Delta Junction in Alaska, and northward from Dawson City in British Columbia. Somehow, in just 6 months, the last link in the 2700 km (1700 mile) highway was forged on October 25, 1942 in the hills above Kluane Lake, which you see pictured above.

The color of the water is accurate. Copper oxides leaching into the water from the surrounding rocks produce the beautiful shade of blue-green. When you look straight down into the water, it appears crystal clear.


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