Before a Fair Wind



North to Alaska

navarro sunflowers

23 July. We have turned our faces northward again, and for the first time we journey by land. Nearly 4000 miles, or 6400 km, lie before us. Texas has been in perpetual drought for seven years, and today is a scorcher, but the sunflowers take no notice.

You can view a map of our journey here.


14 thoughts on “Before a Fair Wind

    1. Yes, it is the longest trip of my lifetime. We flew to Texas, bought a used car, and now we are going to give it a new home. With the idea of make the trip every year, of course.

      1. In a way I am jealous as I would like to make that trip as well. Maybe your experiences will help and I look forward to seeing/reading about the trip if you blog about it.

      1. Oh, Sue. I had such good intentions of traveling out your way but it didn’t happen. Thank you and give our love to all your family and mom.

  1. Well, I thought my annual trip to Texas was a long way, but compared to yours it now seems like a day trip. Drave safely.

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