Dribbling Across Alaska

northern exposures

picture by Scot Dayton, from the car window

Our very own Fort Yukon Eagles are headed to Anchorage to compete in the Alaska state high school basketball championships. We fly to Fairbanks, then drive south to Anchorage on Alaska Highway 3, a taproot of civilization winding through hundreds of miles of majestic mountains and valleys.  It is my first time to see so much of the interior of our state. My impressions along Highway 3?

Great beauty. Unending beauty. Practically nothing flat (what a treat)! A sinuous, thread of civilization clinging to a taproot. No cities, less than half dozen small villages. Strung between these, like Christmas tree lights, are occasional vacation homes and scenic pullovers and signage advertising this or that adventure for the tourists on their annual migration. Comfort, community, civilization.

Highway 3 will not let you forget that you are bound to a larger world community. Still, it’s just a taproot. Good for moving people north and south, but unable to weave the threads of civilization into garments that could hide wild Alaska forever. I’m glad for that. A few miles off the root and you are on your own.

And today Highway 3 carries thirteen basketball players, two coaches and a driver from nowhere to the state championships in basketball, and the opportunity to compete for recognition in that larger world community. Go Eagles!


7 thoughts on “Dribbling Across Alaska

  1. You may not have the awesome Alaskan range out near Fort Yukon but you do have main artery of Alaska’s subsistence the mighty Yukon river and its wonderful Salmon…..Go Eagles!

  2. So…..
    How did they do at the championship???
    By the way, did I tell you that the only time we visited AK the volcano erupted an hour after we landed?

    1. 🙂 Well then, you’ve seen the hot spots. I would like to see that myself. Our boys took 4th, thanks for asking. They dominated every team they played except the eventual champion. Hoping all is well down there.

    1. Thank you, Otto. They took 4th place and most will be returning next year, so we are counting on another trip. The picture was snapped by one of my students from the window as we were driving to Anchorage. I’ll pass on your compliment.

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