On the Street

life in a village


We have cars in Fort Yukon, but most of us get around on foot no matter the temperature. There are always people out and about and the best place for street photography is just outside the AC, our one and only store. Sooner or later everybody shows up there.


Josiah is one of my students. He’s very creative on a computer and enjoys animation but on this day he preferred a bit of quiet reflection.


Another passer-by. Bags are useful things in an ambulatory society. Small, pull-along sleds are very common, too. We have one ourselves, but I prefer carrying only what will fit in a small duffle.


14 thoughts on “On the Street

  1. I loved the student’s photograph, 🙂 Still temperatures are below the zero, Have a nice day dear Dave and greetings and love to you ALL, there, nia

    1. 43 high school and middle schoolers. I teach science to them all. 14 of them are also in journalism and 11 in photography. They are using Canon SX160’s and 260’s.

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