Bright and Sunny In the Arctic

life in a village

frosted trees-0287

A very nice and typical village home, down by the river in old town.


5 thoughts on “Bright and Sunny In the Arctic

    1. 🙂 Keep the wood burning! I think many of the homes are pretty drafty. Many of the homes only have a wood stove, some have stove and monitor. That’s the ideal. We only have a fuel oil furnace but it keeps us nice and warm. But we do have a few leaks, mostly around the door. Many people board up their windows to keep the cold out, but we don’t. Most days we don’t have any wind, but when it begins to blow and it’s drops to 60 below, we all feel the draft.

  1. Hi Dave…sorry I missed some of your post’s. I got home Saturday made on posting and I am still sick and haven’t checked for updates on the blogs I was following. Excellent contrast and nice touch with the ice crystals.

    1. Sorry to hear you returned sick, Pete. I haven’t been posting much for awhile, just started again. Hope you enjoyed your visit outside. Heard they had snow down that way a day or so ago. Get well!

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