Hors D’oeuvre?

life in a village

salmon 2013-0003

salmon 2013-0009

photo by Alyssa

salmon 2013-0029

Not today! We are raising coho salmon for the third year and our eggs arrived this afternoon, all wrapped in wet burlap. You can see some of my eighth graders and a bevy of the younger students who came after school to witness the unveiling of our salmon.

My students calculated that if we maintain the water temperature at a chilly 2 degrees C, then our eggs should hatch around January 8th, just after we return from the holidays.

If you look closely, you can see little black eyes peering through the translucent shells. No, little ones, we will not serve you on unsalted crackers; you are destined to serve the higher cause of scientific inquiry!


8 thoughts on “Hors D’oeuvre?

  1. Looks like even in Texas I am having trouble getting into your blog to like and make comments. In any event great school project, but maybe you could release them tagged and then later classes could look for the tags when they return.

    1. Good idea, but a criminal act, unfortunately. Releasing salmon into the wild is heavily regulated. Sorry you hare having difficulty accessing blog. Not sure why.

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