Fairy Frost

northern exposures

fairy frosts-0008

On a very cold and sunny afternoon when the winter sun rides low in the frigid air, if you furrow your brow and squint just right you may be lucky enough to spy a fairy, sprinkling magic frost around your cabin door. She hides in the light of the sun and laughs as her magic floats from her fingertips and dances weightless above the earth.


10 thoughts on “Fairy Frost

    1. Thank you, Angela. I have tried to photograph this before, but it has never quite worked. This is my best effort to catch the tiny specks of crystalline moisture that hang in the sunlight.

    1. Thank you, Fey! So nice to hear from you. I constantly find myself apologizing for not visiting other sites just now, but it is either broken down internet or too many papers to grade. Hope the gators are happy!

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