Puppy Love

Chris, northern exposures

Photographs by Chris Schuler

playful dog-7991

playful dog-8055

playful dog-8096

Chris loved the pups next door and took many pictures of them. There are probably more dogs in Fort Yukon than people and these puppies are definitely cute ones. On this day, Olga & Ashton joined in the play. The final shot of Chris was taken by one of the children.


6 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. Aww I want one!!

    Just a said note, I know you and Lindsay are probably busy with school, but I was just wondering if she got the email I sent a few weeks ago in reply to the one she sent about me asking questions.

    Talk to you soon

      1. I did hear that she was busy, and I completely understand. I’m getting busy myself with the middle of my student teaching getting even closer.
        I was hoping to talk to her sooner because I thought I was going to be moving up in December, but now it looks like I’m going to wait until the Spring, so let her know to take her time, and when she’s able to talk I’ll be ready with questions.

        Thanks for everything!!

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