northern exposures

birch leaves-0019

It is easy to put a price on gold: $1364 today. But how does one fix the price of the birch in fall? I wouldn’t trade this time of year for all the gold in the world.

This is the paper birch. It is a solitary tree. I suspect my own children do not realize how much of a loner I am at heart, but I am and so the birch and I are something like kindred spirits. I wish there were more of them on the flats, but they are rather few and far between.


11 thoughts on “Priceless

  1. I first saw this as an abstract, yellow and black. We discuss positive/negative space and shape in Art Appreciation. The figure is the “ground” or positive and the surrounding space is the negative or “background” space/shape. Some artist use this in a way to cause confusion or to keep the viewer looking first at the ground as the positive and then at the background as the positive. It literally changes back and forth between the positive and the negative like the “Rubin Vase.” Your birch leaves came across that way to me. Love them.

    1. Very interesting. I’m not sure how long the concept of positive/negative space has been taught in art, but it seems to have invaded the “space” of photography only in the past 40 years. It was definitely not in the conversation back in the 60’s. I like its application to photography because it focuses the student to think critically about the space not occupied by their subject. I may have to write a post about this, as I can sense my mind is overflowing with thoughts about it. But here’s one suggestion for you. If you haven’t already done so, study the works of Arnold Newman – his masterful use of background and the positive and negative are visionary.

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