Simple and Straightforward

northern exposures

fall foliage-0096

fall foliage-0128

fall foliage-0131

Here the seasons are simple and straightforward. A certainty. I like that very much. Texas Octobers raise questions like, “Will we have snow this year? Will it freeze? Will there be a winter at all?” Who knows? Certainly not the weathermen.

And we are a simple, straightforward people who have no need for questions like these. We have unpacked our boots and winter gear because we know we will soon be needing them. Before long, two or so weeks, the temperatures will plummet and the snow will fall. The snow will blanket the land and we won’t see the earth again until May.

Simple, straightforward living. That is a certainty.


9 thoughts on “Simple and Straightforward

    1. Thank you, Smacked – I will definitely keep warm. The only thing I have never been able to find is an extra long neck scarf to cover my neck and face. I see people wearing them but never find them in the stores. But the rest of me is ready!

  1. Simple, straightforward living, that’s the thing. (With some urban glimses in betweeen). The small house, is that an Alaskan toilet? If so, it looks like the old fashioned Norwegian toilet. 😉

    1. One of my students called it a tool shed, but it looks exactly like our Norwegian toilets. 🙂 Or as we call them, our “outhouses.” Not that I would care to live in a toilet.

    1. And Texans always live on a ranch and where cowboy hats. 🙂 It is true, though, more than half our year is spent in white. I am so desperately snowed under with grading that I haven’t look completely through the pictures you sent me. Please forgive me. I manage to stick up a post and have to stop.

      I’d like to do a guest post about you, showing what you did with my pictures and linking back to your blog. What do you think?

      1. One day, yes one day I will make my dream real 🙂 I don’t know why but Himalaya and Alaska hit me always… Thank you dear Dave, I am excited now about paintings… Have a nice day, Love, nia

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