Return to the Flats

northern exposures, travels


As we crossed the White Mountains we sighted many small flocks of Dall sheep like this one.


First, we headed to Venetie, population 150. It lies in the uplands nearer the Brooks Range, on the Chandalar River which you can see above. The water level is very low this year due to the poor snow accumulation last winter. It is rocky-bottomed and the water is a beautiful shade of blue – much prettier than the muddy Yukon.


Finally, we turned our way toward Fort Yukon.  Boots, our pilot, skimmed the earth at 900 feet so we could watch for game along the way. We startled a cow moose and saw many ducks and geese. It is good to be home!


6 thoughts on “Return to the Flats

    1. I was shaking so badly with excitement when I saw the sheep that I was afraid it wouldn’t turn out. It is very good to be back!

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