Who Is That Girl In the Window?



The Window at Big Bend, Texas, 2006. The 5.6 mile trail winds through Oak Canyon. Eons of intermittent waters have carved the Window through the mountain fortress that you see rising to Lindsay’s left and right. The water has polished the floor to a high gloss, hard and slick. Watch out – that is a 200 foot drop out there! Even in March, the walk left us warm and sweaty. There is always a breeze in the cut, though, cooled by the massive stone walls that never feel the touch of the sun, and before long we donned our long-sleeved shirts.


7 thoughts on “Who Is That Girl In the Window?

  1. Great shot Dave and so wonderful to be at your lovely blog again. Thanks for the lovely comment and visit. Much appreciated. 😀

    1. Some things a photographer can’t take credit for. I’ll be back in AK in a week. Will be in Fairbanks the week of Aug 12-16. Want to hook up for a meal? My turn to buy.

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