The Gardener

life in a village



Mike watches his potatoes grow as the boys water the garden. Much of the summer he and his children will camp out under the nearby aspens. From there they can care for the potatoes, ward off critters and cool off in the river. Their campsite has been ransacked by bears in the past.


3 thoughts on “The Gardener

  1. Just an opinion…but I liked #2 photo better. I would have also made it high contrast B&W but that’s just my favorate way of printing pictures.

    1. Thank you, Pete. I much prefer, and welcome, honest critiques. When I process digital images, I always have this longing to achieve the look of film and print. A good negative could achieve sparkling contrast and hold detail in the shadows at the same time. Alas, for all its ability to resolve details, the tonal range of digital images continues to be a second hand pair of shoes. But it is getting better!

    2. I reread my first reply and feared you might misinterpret that comment about critiques. Your comment is exactly what I prefer the most, honest and thought provoking. In my mind I was thinking how your kind is so rare and refreshing; most bloggers’ comments are the safe, acceptable and diplomatic “how wonderful” kind (which I appreciate, of course) but which do not offer the kind of constructive criticisms that help me refine my craft. I would prefer a thousand suggestions for improvement over 10 “amazings” anytime. The streets of the blogging world are paved with eggshells (I tread lightly there myself). So, thank you Pete, for your truly appreciated words!

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