Tracking In Riverworld

northern exposures


I couldn’t track an elephant through a forest, but along the muddy Spring banks of the Yukon, tracks are relatively easy to find and they are quite distinct. Wild animals do frequent the village. I have seen lynx just behind our school in the spring. Snowshoe and ptarmigan tracks are everywhere. Even bears occasionally wander inside although the village dogs usually frighten them away. I found these down along the riverbank just after the spring flood receded. They are about three inches long, probably made by a village dog although coyote tracks are similar.


4 thoughts on “Tracking In Riverworld

    1. Thank you, Pete. Think of you whenever we come to Fairbanks and we will get together again – this time I’m buying! Actually my son and I are in the Fair city right now. I leave for Dallas Monday nite.

    1. Thank you Bente. By the way, I replied to this comment already, but I noticed that I cannot see my reply on this end. Did you get it?

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