Spring Is Showing

northern exposures

rosehips-0057Last year’s rosehips laughed off the feeble cold to cheer us on the first day of Spring. The ancient Egyptians, Druids and Mayans commemorated entire edifices to the vernal equinox, one of only two days a year when daylight and darkness equally share the clock. This year the first day of Spring fell on March 20 and old Dave didn’t build an edifice; in fact, he gave the day not one little thought. But old Dave had already noticed the signs of Spring. They were with us early and already cheering the heart after the long winter. The sun rides higher in the sky now and you can feel the daylight lingering on. The old snow has become granular, the snowpack slippery. Winds now frequent the Flats and sculpt the remaining snow. Early birds like the redpoll and the gray jay have returned. Spruce branches are tipped with new blue green growth. And the ravens, who quietly winter over with us, have begun to chat again amongst the spruce. Spring is here and our world is awakening.


8 thoughts on “Spring Is Showing

  1. Isn’t that snow behind the rosehips? We had about 4 more inches of snow in the middle of the night and I woke up to 3 foot drifts surrounding the cabin.

    1. woah! Yes, that is a snowbank behind the rosehips. Makes a nice subdued background. We didn’t have any extra snow this morning.

  2. Yes! Beautiful !
    And Dave, talking about my drawings- I am sure you would enjoy my humoristic poems too,that go along with them, unfortunatelly there is the language barrier.

    1. Google translates them for me, badly. Sometimes I understand the translation but sometimes too much of the meaning is lost. I am sure they are lovely! I’ll keep trying.

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