The Long Shadow

northern exposures, travels

white mtns-0477I took this photograph on final approach into Fairbanks at 12:49 pm. Not the best artistically, but it does show the long shadows cast by a sun low on the horizon even at noon.



4 thoughts on “The Long Shadow

    1. Good day, Orel. I was just reading on your website the moment your comment popped up. I can’t imagine moving 18 times as a youth. I enjoy your photography very much, although I confess I am jealous of all your traveling. Still, I landed in a fabulous place. Hey, I noticed you had been to the Big Bend. I have a few posts on this site devoted to it. Look under Special Posts/Guest Posts. The photos were all shot by my Dad and brother.

        1. The land seems to have infinite textures that leap out at you. It helps that we fly at relatively low elevations. There is a detailed category list at the bottom of the page (Looking for Something?) from which you can access all the aerials. Some were taken in the summer and fall and have a totally different appeal.

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