Nestled In the Bends

northern exposures

white mtns-0456

This is a common sight on the flats – stands of spruce nuzzling into the bends of a meandering stream. Shadows of the spruce point northward; in their direction lie the Yukon Flats. To the south await the White Mountains whose long shadows you can see encroaching upon the stream.

white mtns-0454

A closer view of the same stream. Which do you like the best?


15 thoughts on “Nestled In the Bends

  1. Definitely the closer view. It’s a shame like I said we are just West of the White mountains, you probably passed right near my place. I should have laid out a marker in the snow.

  2. Just taking a leisurely time through your blog Dave after such a long while and each post is a shining delight to the soul. I’m drinking in these glorious sights and sorry if I just can’t stop clicking the Like button. So good to come back to this! Sharon

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