Flight to the Fair City

northern exposures

canon powershot SX260 HS / 180mm | ISO 100 / -2/3 EV | 1/500 @ f/5.6


canon powershot SX260 HS / 65mm | ISO 100 / 0 EV | 1/320 @ f/4.5


canon powershot SX260 HS / 125mm | ISO 100 / -2/3 EV | 1/400 @ f/5.6

I’m headed to Fairbanks to meet Christopher. Our youngest son, our first visitor! Lindsay and I are very excited. As always, the White Mountains give me an itchy trigger finger.


7 thoughts on “Flight to the Fair City

    1. Thanks Steve, I think so too. Although there is a more pragmatic reason I convert most of my ariels to b&w – the Grand Caravan’s windows must be tinted and give a color cast to the files that is difficult to compensate for. The summertime shots are loaded with color anyway so the tint is easily masked, but the winter shots are really difficult for me to correct.

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