Breaking Trail

life in a village, northern exposures


This is a trail out by Emil Lake where my friend Richard and I went to cut wood last Saturday. On the way Richard showed me what was left of the foundation of a cabin he had begun to build a few years back. He never finished it because somebody burned it to the ground. This trail runs straight for a bit further then narrows a little more. It used to end there, but Richard cut the trail a mile deeper into the wood all by himself in the continuing quest for firewood. By the way, if you are interested Richard has land for sale around Fort Yukon. You can pick up a couple of acres for $140,000.


7 thoughts on “Breaking Trail

    1. Hello there, Feygirl. I’ve always loved your “name” – wish I could come up with something like that. “Geezer” would be appropriate. Thank you1

      1. Hahah!!! Not with what you do and see….

        I’ve been called “Fairy Child” by my family since I was a young’un; while I’m no longer a GIRL per se, CHILD would definitely no longer suit, even though they still call me that moniker. 🙂

  1. Why is it David that you capture the essence of a “place” in your photographs? I drove all the way to Fairbanks and back seeing this picture and that, in my minds eye, but never came upon the right one.

    1. Haha. Point and shoot, just point and shoot. Pete, my stuff isn’t polished and fancy, you’re being too kind. Lately I haven’t felt like I am getting stuff I really like, either. Part of it is I haven’t gotten out just to walk around and explore with a camera. That’s when I get things I enjoy.

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