Demolition Kids!

life in a village

We have been studying bridge construction in our science classes the past few weeks and the kids designed and built their own truss bridges out of nothing but glue and toothpicks. We’ve learned about Newton’s laws, tension and compression, loads, arches, trusses and lots more. Today we conducted our own primitive stress tests on our bridges and I wish you could have been here to see the results with your own eyes. Top prizes went to Jean-Pierre, Fred, Franklin, Charles and Peter whose 13 inch span supported 52 pounds and to Margaret, Ariel and Jessica whose 8 inch span supported 106 pounds!  Hope you enjoy the slide show! In order to protect the children, this post will be public for one week only.

In case you are wondering about the wide open window in the background of the fourth picture, #480, our classroom is unbearably warm most of the time. It was 5 degrees F outside and we had both windows open all day.


6 thoughts on “Demolition Kids!

  1. The ‘Kids’ did an excellent job, and you can see by their faces they were involved in the class project. But I doubt the same result would have happened without the inspiration of a dedicated teacher.

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