The Carpenter

Charlie, northern exposures

He was one of my favorites at Ruth and Iva’s Old Folk’s Home. He was a gentle and kind man. I knew it the moment I met him. I loved his mustache and he had this impish little smile that overcame all his downward turned wrinkles. He was quiet; I was shy. But even so, I was certain he was fond of me – I certainly was of him. I believe it was my dad’s idea to purchase something from him. I think he let me choose, and I picked the little magazine table next to him in the third picture. It became mine.


4 thoughts on “The Carpenter

      1. Hi Dave.. getting ready to head back to my cabin on Wednesday and you inspired me to breakdown and spend a little and get a camera. Nothing special but I would like to try an emulate some of your work. We will see how I fair after I return to the solitude of our wilderness.

        1. Isn’t photography great? It works the creative center of the brain and doesn’t take a lot of effort. Have a great time, Pete!

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