Recap 2012

northern exposures

Well, Gwichyaa Zhee was supposed to be a letter home but it seems to have turned into a book. Ben, Jordan and Chris – I’ll bet you can’t figure out how that happened. 🙂

sky 1253

Everybody needs inspiration. Lindsay is mine:

Our Town

What a wonderful pastime all this blogging has been. Somehow it has introduced me to many new friends in nearly every corner of the world. I hadn’t expected that.

recap map

To all of you who stop in from time to time, and especially to Bente and Irina, FeyGirl and Sue, Bec and LittleLeaf and Jennifer for befriending me and offering so much encouragement, thank you! And to you, Mom – well, you are the reason I do all this – thank you for enthusiastically supporting our wish to fly north.

Out and About

snowballs 1314

So where is 2013 going to take me? It’s my hope to introduce you to the people of my community and to tell you more about Athabascan culture.



flats 1234


Many blessings to you all in the year 2013!


14 thoughts on “Recap 2012

  1. All the best for 2013, Dave! Love your posts, the often delicate photography, and interesting too. Looking forward to learn more about the Athabascan culture. I like to see glimpses from the world, big or small communities. Maybe especially the small ones.

  2. 2112 was a beautiful journey in blogging and now we are looking forward to the present and the future years. Love you, Mom

  3. Happy New Year to you! So so very happy to have met you from across the blogosphere miles… Catty-corner that we are. I’m always inspired by your beautiful images and historical offerings…. Look forward to them all.

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