The Old Folk’s Home

Charlie, northern exposures

When I was a very small boy, my family made a yearly trip to visit my two spinster aunts Ruth and Iva in Hot Springs, Arkansas. They ran an Old Folk’s Home (at least, that is what we called it back then) in a large house in town and owned a massive old two story mansion on 108 acres in the piney hills several miles out. We stayed at the mansion but always stopped first at the Old Folk’s Home, and as I remember it, we would make the round and visit every resident. It is odd, but I do not recall ever seeing another visitor, although the younger lady in the seventh photograph might be the older man’s daughter. My father photographed this essay of the residents in the mid to late ’50’s. They treated me like a friend and I know we brightened their days.


14 thoughts on “The Old Folk’s Home

  1. I remember this so well.. The patients were always glad to see us visit because you would go around and visit with them. I guess you might say you were the light of their life.

  2. I used to visit my fathers mother, who was in a nursing home a couple of years before she passed away at 96. I think these photos are beautiful. I wish more of could see the elderly, they are nice and interesting people.

    1. Yes, they are. I have had many opportunities to visit relatives in nursing homes over the past 10 years and one thing always strikes me – the residents are very lonely. We should all visit often, even if we don’t know the residents.

  3. We should embrace our old age because it is a part of the circle of life. Now i understand where you received you eye for photographic composition. Your fathers pictures are very moving.

    1. You can find all of his under the “special posts”/”guest posts” menu selection. Dad never had a way or the knowledge to show his work, so now that we have the internet, my brother and I try to find an audience for him that he really deserved.

  4. David,Glenn and I are members of the Ukulele Band here in Harrison. We go to Retirements Centers and Nursing homes and play many of the older songs as well as Gospel music. The residents are always so happy to see us,but believe me,we are the ones who receive a Blessing from being there. Loved the pictures.
    Stay warm
    Glenn and jean

    1. Happy New Year to you both! We are warm, in fact, temperatures have been above zero for several days, and our cabin is always comfy. Thank you for sharing about your visits to the nursing homes in Harrison. Many blessings to you all!

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