For Dorothy

northern exposures

Nikon Coolpix | 6.7mm | ISO 80 | 1/160 sec | f/3.1 | 07 Sep 2012

Merry Christmas, auntie (aunts are aunties up here). We are still forty nine below, but warm in our cozy cabin. Didn’t get out today – stayed in and cooked a big dinner of potatos, corn and pork chops. Then baked cookies for dessert. Give our love to all your kids!


5 thoughts on “For Dorothy

    1. The dinner was very tasty, Mark. As far as the cold, just think of it like the 100+ degree days you experience, only while we can add layers of clothes to compensate, there are only so many layers you can take off!

    1. Need your opinion: do the images appear to be about the right brightness to you? They look about right on my monitor, but wonder about how they look to everybody else…

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