Aspen Gold

northern exposures

Nikon Coolpix L22 | 24mm | ISO 80 | 1/80 sec | f/6/7

For Mom, light and color just for you!


11 thoughts on “Aspen Gold

    1. Taken Sep 7. Haven’t been able to get out to take so many pictures lately, and now its’ almost too dark. But Now that we are on vacation I am going to try to do some “night” photography. A but too cold at the moment. It has been 47 below for most of three days now.

  1. Thank you so much David and I will share it with the little town in Connecticut who are in mourning this morning. Our prayers are with them.

    1. This may have been for your Mom, but I’m so glad you shared! It is heartwarming on this sad season for 26 homes in Small Town, Connecticut.

    2. Hi, Bente. Yes, we are together but on opposite sides of the world. Are you having a heavy snow year? 7 inch snowdepth here, pretty low. We’ve had too much clear, cold weather. Merry Christmas!

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