Aspen Flame

northern exposures


Our world turned white more than a month ago but I haven’t been able to get out much to photograph the snow. Already it is December, the month of the Long Night. We have only about four hours of half-light now, so I will have to be creative getting any winter photos until February. But lucky for you I still have some fall images to post.

Today, warmer air finally settled over us, only seven below, and brought us a very nice snow. Well, a modest four inches but that is more than we had received all winter. The lack of snow has reigned like a sour pall over our community but today my kids wore bright and cheery faces and talking excitedly about it all. Me too.

I never thought I could enjoy my trip to work. But as I step out into my shadowy world braced against the cold and taste falling snow on my lips and kick fresh powder like a little boy, my face breaks into a smile under my neck gator. What a way to start the day!


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