Burial from Sea, Sort of

life in a village


December 4, 2012. 351 ATU’s. Temperature 5 degrees C. Whatever is happening to our tank, it is happening in a painfully big way. Margaret, one of my 11th graders, helped me remove 175 dead eggs today. They bury sailors at sea, or so they say, and that seems fitting to a sailor’s passion. Wishing we could bury our salmon at sea, the place they should have gone to, but we can’t even lay them to rest in our river. Fish and Game won’t allow that. So, Buried From Sea. Hope some of them make it to the hatch. Perfectly pink eggs are healthy; those with splotchy opaque patches are dead. At present we have about 300 alive and mostly healthy, we think. We hope.

You can see the eyes very distinctly in this picture. They look abnormally large and far apart to me, and a little slanted like little ghost eyes.


4 thoughts on “Burial from Sea, Sort of

  1. If you think about it, it’s not just your tank. It’s the way of nature: even if they were in the wild the attrition would be high. I think that that becomes part of the lesson…the naturalist in me comes out.

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