Unhappy Eggs

life in a village


Dec 4, 2012. ATU’S 346. Temperature 5 degrees C. Our tank is clean and the equipment is working well, but a large number of our eggs are dying. Tomorrow we shall remove and count the dead ones. We did not have nearly so many fatalities so early in the project last year. My eighth and ninth grade classes are really enjoying the salmon. So are the elementary kids who love to visit and observe the eggs..


6 thoughts on “Unhappy Eggs

  1. Such a beautiful color to the eggs. They really stand out among the darker background. Neat project for the students too. My favorite classes as a kid always had visual and interactive projects like this one.

  2. So, last year did you handle them the samed amount as you are this year? I was wondering if they were up to all of the microscopic examinations… they look so fragile.

    1. But only half a dozen have been bothered. Possibly somebody put something in the tank, or the gravel had something in it but we washed it carefully.

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