First Frost – With Apologies

northern exposures

The first frosts always are the heaviest. I believe that is the result of all the open water at the river. Moisture rolls in off the Yukon that lies just beyond the treeline in the distance and sculpts a world of crystal.

It has been four months since I last posted regularly. Well actually, at all. I reached a point last spring when blogging had become a sort of addiction. The only way I knew to cure my obsession was to cold quit. So I did. I realize some of you were concerned about my disappearance. I regret that and hope you understand the reason that I had to walk away for a bit.

I do intend to blog again, only not so zealously as before. My goal will be to post on the weekend. Thanks to all of my blogging friends who followed me before; I’m hoping to hear from you again.


10 thoughts on “First Frost – With Apologies

  1. So glad that you’re back. I have missed your beautiful photographs. I also understand how blogging – or anything else, for that matter – can become something of an obsession and begin getting in the way of other things. I am very happy to learn that you are okay, though. I was worrying a bit about where you’d disappeared to. Anyway, welcome back.

  2. Welcome back Dave!!! You sir, have definitely been missed. Good to see you again. So very good to have the privilege of appreciating your work one more time. I admire the decision to stop and gain some perspective. Sometimes knowing when to stop takes far greater wisdom than ploughing ahead. Your work this time has that added touch – fresh from rest. Sharon

    1. Sharon! Thank you for stopping by once more. There were so many things I wanted to write about but just couldn’t. The time wasn’t right. You are always so cheery. Thank you for the encouragement.

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