Winding Down


Two weeks left, then its back to Fort Yukon. We spend all our waking ours with family, but there is never enough time. Like the bear getting his fill before going into hibernation, we soak up family time while we can. I am fascinated by clouds wherever I am.


13 thoughts on “Winding Down

  1. I bet you feel like time has flown by! I hope you’ve had a great time. Love the image by the way!

  2. Watching the clouds is my favorite pastime. With all the haze from the heat and humidity here in the mid-atlantic, it is not often one gets a nice cloud filled sky. I say enjoy it and your family as much as possible.

    1. This is not one of my personal favorites – it does not evoke strong enough emotions from me – but I like the horizontal element begun by the tree and carried on by the clouds. Also like how the dark sky on the left and the silhouetted tree on the right bracket the highlights in the middle.

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