northern exposures



Suddenly it looks like spring. It has taken so long for the leaves to come out, and today they are here! I have missed green.

This morning’s temperature: 45/7 degrees. By afternoon it will be in the 60’s/teens. Yesterday I walked about wearing two long sleeved shirts. I overheated and had to take one off, then wished the second was  short sleeved. All my life I have equated the 60’s with jacket weather but I am in a different world now and must revisit my lifelong impressions of temperature and comfort. Humidity must be the deciding factor.

There is something in the air today. Lindsay is sneezing but I haven’t caught wind of it myself. Robins are all about, too. That surprises me because they populate Texas in the springtime and I assumed, wrongly I see, that they would not be seen this far north. I wonder where they winter? That’s something to look up.

I remember seeing migration maps as a child. They were interesting but I had no experience to connect the maps to reality. Now I have made their migration, albeit in the comfort of an airliner at hundreds of miles per hour. it takes me a long seven hours in the air to travel from Fairbanks to Dallas. How many days or months must the robins and the geese and the ducks propel themselves on their two small wings all this way? It is four thousand miles from the Texas Gulf Coast to our refuge, and they say geese fly about fifty miles per hour and take many rests. That makes for a long and determined trip. As a child, their flight was just inches on a map to me. Now I understand the difficulty they face, a challenge for every one of the thousands of miles they travel.

Bruce has begun his religious watering of the road. Bruce lives next door and wets the street in front of his house everyday in the summer to control the dust. This summer I am buying myself a hose so I can show obeisance to his religion. Good for us that we are charged a flat rate for the water.


11 thoughts on ““Four…”

    1. Greetings, dotdos! Thank you for checking in. It is interesting to me that some of these birds nesting here now wintered along the coast of Texas, my previous home.

  1. Ah these little birds, Robins… how amazing their migration travel… Last year I saw one of them in my garden and I was so happy to see a Robin at the end… But this year, I could’t see them… We are on the migratory ways of the birds… There is a special area we call Bird Lake, so many birds come and spend time here…. This is so exciting… You reminded me one of my favorite documentary films, “Winged Migration” by Jacques Perrin, if you haven’t watched it, I recommend, it is so beautiful, I can never forget.

    It is so nice spring is there… and I loved your amazing photographs… Thank you dear Dave, love, nia

      1. You are welcome dear Dave, I watch it again and again… As I heard that Jacques Perrin for this film lived with birds for a long time… It is worthy to watch, I always feel myself as a bird in the film and I am flying with them… Their stories are great in this life… I hope you like too. Thank you so much, I have received your note, Greetings and Love, nia

  2. Oh,thank God!! 😀
    Very nice post about the birds, I wondered about the same things some days ago looking at the swallows that just arrived 😀

    1. Greetings, Ms. Silving! It is so good to hear from you again. And yes, thank God! Just about everything has leaves now.

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