Last Day of School

northern exposures

Willow along the river bank

Bitti. Het is voorbij. Det er over. Det er forbi. Det är över. Il est plus. Se on yli. Acesta este de peste. È sopra. Ito ay higit. Es ist zu ende. Đó là nơi. То је готово. Bu çoxdur. यह खत्म हो गया है. Es más. Είναι πάνω. فمن خلال . Tá sé os a chionn. Все кончено. それは終わった。มันเป็นมากกว่า . 그것은 끝났습니다. Все скінчено.

And how glad I am! Honestly, Lindsay and I are exhausted. It has been a good year, a year for growing and building relationships with our students. Year’s end always presents so much to do, so much to finish, so much to teach, so many students to prepare for their next step. The good news is, we have only one more workday then we are officially off until mid-August. I have not kept up with your blogs as I ought, and yet you have been faithful to stop by here. Thank you for that. The truth is that you are a big support for me and I look forward to hearing from you all.

For now, I just need to rest a bit. In a week or so, I’ll start dropping by your sites and writing some more. In the meantime I’ll keep putting in a photograph a day. We will be here in Fort Yukon another week, then visit family in Texas and California.

I never imagined that writing this simple blog to my family would bring so many friends from so many corners of the earth into my life. Thank you ever so much for your kindness!


14 thoughts on “Last Day of School

  1. Thank you yourself, Dave. It has been a pleasure, and I am sure it still will be a pleasure. Going back to Alaska after Texas!
    And so good of you to inform us in our own languages…Impressive. Good luck on your next step.

  2. Congratulations for you both dear Dave. I can almost feel the mood of the last day in the school (even I was a late quest student and I didn’t understand how passed the time 🙂 but maybe next year) You are so nice dear Dave, with your writing, with your sharings and with your amazing photographs… I was loving and interesting with Alaska but with you ALL it grew more than ever… I copied all your Alaska posts and I will read them as a book again. THANK YOU for everything. I wish you both to have a nice and enjoyable summer holiday and also to have a nice journey to home, Blessing and Happiness, With my love, nia

    1. I know we will enjoy visiting our families. Someday maybe we will stay the summer in Alaska. I am very touched that you have enjoyed these posts so much. Thank you for all your encouragement, Nia.

      1. You are welcome dear Dave I am sure you will enjoy and also your families too… Have a nice summer days dear Dave, you both really deserve this. Not easy to live in this white land… You are my Alaska writer too. Love, nia

  3. Hey Dave,
    I am a friend of your cousin Sue Duran and she got me hooked on your blog….can’t tell you how much I enjoy it…I have always wanted to visit Alaska and your posts have taken me that much closer…have a restful break….

    1. Thank you for writing, Debby. I am definitely visiting Sue this summer. Maybe we can meet? And thank your for your kind words – I’m glad you enjoyed following life up here.

    1. Oops! Missed your comment, Sue. Yes, we are looking forward to seeing you, too. I’ll pick up mom and we’ll hop over to East Texas to see you all.

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